Gray And Thinning Hair Solutions – Let Me Help

Man or woman, thinning hair is seldom received with positivity. After a lifetime of full locks, the slow or rapid reduction of hair can be jarring. You are not alone, and, your hairdresser has tips to make this change less daunting. Make an appointment and don’t be afraid to be honest about thinning hair and your feelings.

 If you live in the Denver area and want to talk it over, just let me know when you book the appointment. I’d like to plan for a little extra time, so we can kick around ideas. We stylists often have the talent and education to see how a new cut, color, gloss, or treatment may rejuvenate your look and help you enjoy or, at least, better accept the hair thinning you’re experiencing.

Of course, the other issue with aging hair is graying. Some people accept graying hair and transition easily. Most of us do not. Again, your stylist should be able to offer cuts, styles, highlighting, lowlighting, and other color options to help you gray on a timeline that’s more acceptable for you. I can cover gray, blend it, or enhance it. Let’s talk about your hair goals. I want you to love what you see in the mirror.