Ah-choo! Seasonal Allergies and Your Hair

Denver is currently in a rain-sunshine-rain weather pattern, and this wreaks havoc on my #allergies. If you’re suffering with watery eyes and an itchy nose, you know what hay fever feels like.  As a stylist, I think gels, pomades, and waxes are the optimal tools for style perfection, but during this Spring season you may need to take a different approach. Why? The more product in your hair, the greater the chance of pollen sticking to your style.

Springtime pollen sticks to hair gel.

To reduce the effects of growing grasses and blooming branches on your sinuses, try these tips:

  1. If you don’t wash your hair every day, consider doing so during April and May. This will remove pollen quickly.
  2. If you’re enjoying a walk in the sun or sitting in the backyard, wear a hat.
  3. Change your bed sheets at least once a week and your pillowcase more often.
  4. If your hair is color treated and you must wash more frequently, use a vinegar rinse to reduce color loss and dryness.
  5.  Talk to your stylist about maintaining your style and enjoying “good hair days” without using as much product. He/she knows your hair and will probably have some specific ideas for you.

Hang in there! Hay fever season is almost over. 🙂