Is your hair dry and falling like leaves?

Autumn hair can seem lifeless and dull.

Autumn hair can seem lifeless and fall.

Falling hair? Dogs and trees aren’t the only ones who shed in autumn. Don’t worry, most people lose 50-100 strands of hair a day and may lose a bit more during this season. Brush less to reduce hair loss, and, remember, never brush wet hair. Always use a comb. If you’re worried about your hair loss, please talk it over with me at your next appointment. I want to help.

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Give yourself the gift of patience

Mondays are a go-go day for most of us, but don’t forget to have a little patience. Patience helps us have compassion for ourselves and others. Forgiveness is also a component of compassion, so try to give yourself and others some “grace and space” today. That’s my new motto: “Grace and space.” Let’s take good care of ourselves today. Happy Monday and be well.


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Add a little shine

Want shiny hair? A cold water rinse may be the answer. After ensuring your hair is shampooed and conditioned in warm water, brace yourself and finish your routine with a shot of cool to cold water to shut your hair cuticle tight. Light reflects better off a closed hair cuticle, so your hair shines more.

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Daisy Salon – Hooray!

Daisy Salon opens this week in The WorkShops on Kentucky Avenue. This Glendale location is only minutes from 3rd Ave Studio and is a quiet, friendly space to cut, color, and style hair. Eliminating the background bustle means I can really focus on you and your style needs. I offer services for women, men, and children.

Thank you for your business and I sincerely hope to see you very soon.


Karen Watson-Dietzel

The journey…


How are you? Has life thrown you a few surprises recently? It threw a couple at me. I’m offering this quick note to let you know that my plans are still alive and well, but life has necessitated that I hold steady for a bit longer. I am still doing hair and available for appointments at 3rd Ave Studio. I’ll keep posting tips and updates. I appreciate you all: my clients and my followers.

Just taking care of myself and those close to me right now…take good care of you. I’ll be in touch.