No Worry – Relax and Sleep Well

no #insomnia

no #insomnia

Sunday nights can bring anxiety for many. We all have so much on our minds, but let’s not allow insomnia to ruin our mood, health, skin, or hair. Try placing some lavender in your room, keep it dark in there, and know there are great free apps to calm you.

I wish you all a peaceful night’s sleep.



Storms Come and Go

This heavy, wet, gray weather Denver has been experiencing can weigh you down but it is a good reminder for us all…storms always pass.

Take care of yourself when your skies are gray. Maybe, dance in the rain?

Be kind yourself.






No Drizzly, Damp Hair for You

April showers are hitting us now and we need the moisture, but if your hair holds moisture in excess it can really slow you down.

Spring Showers should not dampen your mood or your hair.

Spring Showers should not dampen your mood or your hair.

If your hair doesn’t dry quickly, try this awesome product: Kenra Blow-Dry Mist.  This light mist will increase your blow dry time by 50%. Thankfully, it also offers protection against heat damage.

You don’t have all day to blow out your hair — the sun is shining and you want to get out there.




Is your hair dry and falling like leaves?

Autumn hair can seem lifeless and dull.

Autumn hair can seem lifeless and fall.

Falling hair? Dogs and trees aren’t the only ones who shed in autumn. Don’t worry, most people lose 50-100 strands of hair a day and may lose a bit more during this season. Brush less to reduce hair loss, and, remember, never brush wet hair. Always use a comb. If you’re worried about your hair loss, please talk it over with me at your next appointment. I want to help.

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