Can We Talk? Why Honesty Is Important To Your Stylist And Your Hairstyle

I’m broaching a tricky subject today, but it’s one I know we all need to discuss. Almost every stylist I know has had a client suddenly disappear – no follow-up visits, no farewell conversation. While I recognize this is part of the business and sometimes just part of life, I do care about my clients and want them to be happy with my services. For this reason, I want to talk.


We all lose jobs, suffer illnesses, and deal with other financial hardships that can result in reduced salon visits. I understand this, but I struggle with clients who leave because they didn’t get the exact look they wanted.

You’re unhappy with your new cut or color? Let me know. I want you to be happy, so if we miscommunicated I want to talk about that. I’m human and struggle with assertiveness and confronting unpleasant conversations as much as anyone, but it makes me sad to think people are silently frustrated with their hair.

When you allow a stylist to alter your look, you are…

  1. Instilling trust in them, and
  2. Taking a chance – trying something new

That is an honor for us. Trust me, the person doing your hair understands these facts and wants you to leave the salon feeling fabulous. If you don’t, speak up.

Let’s talk about what’s not hitting your expected result. It is the only way to get to the right place. This doesn’t mean I or your stylist can immediately fix what you don’t like, but it means the client and the stylist gain a better understanding of what is missing or what can or cannot actually be achieved. This gives your stylist a chance to troubleshoot the issue and focus on solutions.

Moreover, it increases the relationship between client and stylist, and helps us work together to get you the style that will make you happy.

Before you leave a salon, never to return, consider discussing your issue with your stylist. You may have just opened the door to a long and healthy relationship with the person cutting and coloring your hair and a whole lot of good hair days.

Take care of you!



Keep Looking on the Bright Side

The bright side. It can sound like a platitude, but I think the #summersolstice is a great opportunity for self renewal. The first day of summer is arriving and 94 degrees of Denver heat can be harsh. Be gentle with yourself–treat yourself to an ice cold drink and some alone time on the patio or plan a summer picnic with friends.  If you’re scheduling an appointment next month, ask me about a free deep conditioning treatment. These hot months will be gone soon, so enjoy the warmth and try to stay sunny.




keep facing the sun

Shine On with a Little Shade

It’s summertime!! As a child, I spent hours in the sun and my blonde hair always became lighter. You probably have similar memories – jumping in pools, licking the dripping Popsicle off your arm, and the hot summer sun beating down on you. I’ll bet you noticed your hair became a lighter brown or a few blonde streaks showed up around the 4th of July.

Now that we’re grownups and spending hard-earned money on our hair color, summer isn’t quite as carefree for us. It doesn’t matter – we can still have fun.

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