Control? Perfection? Hair can you make you humble

I have a birthday this week, and, like most weeks, I have a lot on my mind and much to juggle. With this gift of another year, I want to remember that I have more #control over my life than I sometimes realize, but I cannot control everything.

No, I cannot control or fix everything–hair reminds us that we never have complete control and seldom have perfection.¬†

There are challenges I must face and work to overcome¬†but also need to let go of the idea that things will be “perfect” or exactly how I imagine them to be–they can be better, and I can actively to work toward “better.”

I actively work with my clients for “better” hair, so I can do “better.”



Reminder...on your own head.

Reminder…on your own head.




Give yourself the gift of patience

Mondays are a go-go day for most of us, but don’t forget to have a little patience. Patience helps us have compassion for ourselves and others. Forgiveness is also a component of compassion, so try to give yourself and others some “grace and space” today. That’s my new motto: “Grace and space.” Let’s take good care of ourselves today. Happy Monday and be well.


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