Control? Perfection? Hair can you make you humble

I have a birthday this week, and, like most weeks, I have a lot on my mind and much to juggle. With this gift of another year, I want to remember that I have more #control over my life than I sometimes realize, but I cannot control everything.

No, I cannot control or fix everything–hair reminds us that we never have complete control and seldom have perfection.¬†

There are challenges I must face and work to overcome¬†but also need to let go of the idea that things will be “perfect” or exactly how I imagine them to be–they can be better, and I can actively to work toward “better.”

I actively work with my clients for “better” hair, so I can do “better.”



Reminder...on your own head.

Reminder…on your own head.



No Worry – Relax and Sleep Well

no #insomnia

no #insomnia

Sunday nights can bring anxiety for many. We all have so much on our minds, but let’s not allow insomnia to ruin our mood, health, skin, or hair. Try placing some lavender in your room, keep it dark in there, and know there are great free apps to calm you.

I wish you all a peaceful night’s sleep.