Snippets…Tips for Living

daisy kindness

I’m not a mental health professional nor do I want to offer these tips as a solution for all situations, but I am in a unique position as a hairdresser and have learned a few things about dealing with other people that I’d like to share.

  • Ask people what they are passionate about or love to do. Sometimes it’s as much fun for the listener to hear about what makes someone happy as for the person who’s sharing the positive experiences they enjoy. It can make you both feel great.
  • Sometimes you need to “put down the scissors,” stop what you’re doing, and give the person speaking your full attention. We’re all so busy, but we all just want to be heard.
  • Each day, find someone to pay a compliment. This could mean your coworker has a beautiful sweater and you let her know or you thank a grocery clerk for being so helpful.
  • When someone is sharing a tragedy or heartbreak, always assume the conversation is private and never gossip about it. That person trusts you.
  • I have come to realize that patience is really not just a virtue. It’s a practice of grace and space. Each day, I hold compassion for others and myself…through love and forgiveness. Go ahead and forgive yourself for something. Perhaps try forgiving someone else? Give yourself a little “grace and space” and don’t get too wound up.
  • Silence is valuable. Listen. Nod if you must, but just listen. Listening is powerful, so speak only when it is the right time.

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